Once upon a time, a young(ish) man wrote a science fiction trilogy. That young man also had an interest in blockchain technology. Seeing only turmoil ahead in the traditional publishing industry, he decided to use combine his love of technology with a his love of writing, and introduce something new the world. The young(ish) man faced all sorts of terrors on his quest to develop his proof-of-concept site: unexpected hosting charges, technical hurdles, and even mythical creatures called ‘software bugs’. Beasts slain, and with a tired breast, the young(ish) man revealed to the world his creation: Chainreads.com…

What is Chainreads.com?

Chainreads.com is a live proof-of-concept site, where customers can buy a copy of a science fiction novel, and then collect an NFT to serve as proof of ownership. This website and the initial novel for purchase are created by Rick Talbot, a Canadian technology professional and writer. Chainreads is a business name registered in the Province of Ontario, Canada.

This website offers several new innovations:
• the first novel with an NFT.
• a new standard for describing copyright and licensing within an NFT.
• the first website dedicated to books and NFTs.
• a novel usage of blockchain where purchases can be made by anyone using credit card or crypto, without requiring knowledge of crypto/blockchain as a pre-requisite to purchase (this is important because 95%+ of people do not have crypto wallets). The idea is to straddle the worlds of web 2 and web 3, so that everyone can participate.

For more information, feel free to read the whitepaper.

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