Are you an author?

As an author, you may be interested in publishing with Below is an overview of the process, so that you can decide whether makes sense for your next book.

We will be publishing a limited number of books, as the setup process is not self-serve. We’ll review all books to ensure content quality, and reserve at our sole discretion the right to publish or not publish a book on our site.

There are no limits on type of fiction or non-fiction that we publish, as long as it is English language. We are not limited by any genre.

Here are the main steps of the process, and considerations:

  1. Fill out the contact form and select Book Submission. Provide a brief introduction of yourself, and an overview of the book. No attachments at this stage. We’ll message you back with a request for more info, or a polite decline.
  2. We’ll ask for more info, possibly the first section of your book. We’ll review the book (Word format is fine). We’ll be reviewing for basic grammar, fit for our site, and to ensure the content is not illegal.
  3. If we accept, then we will provide a contract which lays out the specific details so that there is clarity between us.
  4. We will format the eBook, and get it ready to be sold on the site, as well as build the NFT details.
  5. If you want an ISBN number but don’t have one, we can provide one for you. In this case, Chainreads would be the official Publisher and we would list it in the Chainreads Originals category on the site. If you don’t want us to be the official Publisher, then you can go without an ISBN number or purchase one on your own. This will be published on our site, but would not be listed in the Chainreads Originals section:

This lists how we determine if a book is a published by Yourself or Chainreads, or if is a Chainreads Original:

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