Mint your NFT

In this tutorial we show you how to mint an NFT after you’ve made a purchase on We assume you already have an Algorand wallet, and we recommend that you use the official wallet, which is called Pera Algo Wallet. It is available in both the Android and Apple store. We also provide a complementary fund of 0.2 Algos, to make sure that you have enough balance in your wallet to receive NFTs. If your Algorand wallet has no Algos in it, please first go to fund your algorand wallet to get your complementary 0.2 Algos.

Step 1: please visit

Step 2: Enter the email address and invoice number of a recent purchase:

Step 3: view the results that appear. If you bought more than one book on the same invoice, there will be multiple options to mint NFTs:

Step 4: Click on the Mint NFT button! This will take you to a very plain status page:

Step 5: Wait 5-10 seconds, then press the back button, or go back to and re-enter your email address and invoice number. You will also get a confirmation email with your NFT ID number. Now you’ll see an NFT ID number and a box to enter in your wallet address. Don’t enter in your wallet yet — move on to Step 6 where you will opt-in to the NFT first:

Step 6: Now that the NFT has been minted, you need to OPT IN to the NFT in order to have it sent to you. This is required for security purposes so that people can’t just randomly push NFTs to your Algorand wallet.

There are two ways to opt in:

Method 1 is to use a desktop or laptop and your web browser, and then take an image of a QR code with the Per Algo wallet.
Method 2 is to type in the NFT ID number directly into the Pera Algo wallet. You can use either method. Please note that when you first mint the NFT, it is not always searchable from within the Pera Algo wallet for an hour or two – it take some time for newly created NFTs to be indexed.

— Scroll down to Method 1 or 2, then come back here and proceed to Step 7 to actually send the NFT to your wallet. —

Step 7: Once you have opted in using Method 1 or 2 below, you just need to trigger the actual sending of the NFT. Go back to, type in your invoice number and email address, and click Check. Then paste your Algorand wallet address into the text box, and click the Send NFT button:

You will then get a very plain status message. The NFT will be sent to your wallet — if there is nobody in the queue ahead of you, then it should take around 5-10 seconds to receive the NFT:

Now, if you go into your wallet, you will see the NFT fully visible (not greyed out or semi-opaque):

Please remember that if you do this soon after minting the NFT, that the icon may not show up in Collectibles yet. It takes an hour or two for the Pera Algo wallet to finish indexing new NFTs so that they will appear. Simply check back a while later.

Congratulations, you have now minted and received your NFT !!!

The End

Opt-in Methods for Step 6

Method 1: Desktop or laptop – opt-in using the Pera Wallet Explorer website in a web browser.

Step A: Go to
Step B: Type in the NFT ID number to find it:

Step C: Click on the search result.
Step D: Scroll down below the cover image, to find the button that says ‘Scan QR Code to Opt-in’:

Step E: Click on the button to reveal a QR code, and then go to the Pera Wallet app on your phone, and scan the code. Here is an example of what it looks like. Notice the success message once the opt in has been completed:

Now that opt-in is complete, you can send the NFT your wallet.
You may now see the NFT in your wallet in a shadowed or semi-opaque state. Remember that if you just minted the NFT, it may not appear in your Collectibles section for an hour or two – but don’t worry, if you’ve done the opt-in using the QR code, you can see proof of the opt-in in your transaction History. It will eventually appear in Collectibles looking like this:

You are now ready to receive the NFT but it hasn’t been sent to you yet!
Go back to Step 7 above to send the NFT to yourself.

Method 2: use the Pera Wallet app to opt-in directly from your wallet.

Step A: Open the Pera Wallet app on your Android or Apple device.

Step B: Go into the Collectibles section and press the “+” icon:

Step C: Type in the NFT ID number, and when the information for the NFT appears, press the “+” icon beside it:

NOTE: if nothing appears yet, you just need to wait – it can take an hour or two for the Pera Algo wallet to index all the new NFTs that get minted.

Step D: Now you will get a prompt to Approve adding the NFT your wallet. Click on Approve to complete the Opt In:

Now that you’ve opted in, the NFT will appear in your wallet in a shadowed or semi-opaque state:

You are now ready to receive the NFT but it hasn’t been sent to you yet!
Go back to Step 7 above to send the NFT to yourself.

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