The Faraway Places Trilogy


Purchase all 3 books of the Faraway Places Trilogy in one single edition. Contains the following titles:

  • Acts of Love in Faraway Places
  • Acts of Betrayal in Faraway Places
  • Acts of Forgiveness in Faraway Places

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This is all three books bundled at a discounted price.

Fans of Star Trek, Ender’s Game, and The Fifth Element — this is the trilogy for you!

In the year 3015, the forces of Stellar Corp maintain order among the hundreds of colonies spread across the Solar System and dozens of nearby star systems. The government of Earth reigns with a firm hand, using its corporate and economic influence to maintain control. Disease and aging have been conquered – for those who are able to afford the treatments. Everything seems peaceful until a brazen pirate attack on the Adriana, a colony orbiting Uranus. The local colonies and the military find themselves suddenly cut-off from Earth, left to fend for themselves.

The crew of the S.C. Applegate, an old rust-bucket of a patrol ship, sets out to investigate the attack. They soon find themselves caught in the middle of a clandestine conflict. They discover that remnants of the Martian independence movement have begun to organize and are planning to start a new revolution – a revolution to break away from the atheistic corporate rule of Earth – to establish a free Mars built on the dangerous notion of religious freedom.

Meanwhile, an empire long-defeated is returning from their self-imposed three-hundred year exile. They plan to reign supreme over Earth and to be free to expand their empire. And to do this, they are resurrecting an ancient and powerful weapon that modern humans have never experienced.

Ensared in the conflict are the Transgenic Utilities, humans that have been born with a patented genetic marker that officially makes them a product to be sold. In the meantime, the people of Planet Fabulous, a world renowned for its resorts, casinos, and men, offers deluxe vacation packages regardless of the political winds.

In the end, the forces that started the conflict are not what they seem. They move behind the scenes and manipulate events to achieve their end goal of destroying and recreating civilization in their own image.

Will the people of Mars finally gain the right to practice their religion? Or will Stellar Corp crush them under the boot of Earth? Will a crumbled empire return to take Earth’s resources and people as its own? Or will the crew of an old patrol ship in the far corner of the Solar System be able to avert disaster?





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